The #1 Teambuilding game using Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, Teams or Meet

You have a team. And you are using zoom, skype, meets, hangouts, teams or any other app for video conferencing.

Have you ever experienced this:
  • Participants are ‘multitasking’ or clearly doing something else.
  • One participant is dominating the conversation.
  • Questions are met with complete silence.
  • Too much time is wasted on details, lack of structure and misunderstandings.
Teambuilding Online

Play 60 minutes of COLD CASE with your team

– To do something different (and fun) with your team
– To trigger your (team) patterns in a safe way
– (to reflect on it afterwards)
– As an alternative to your Friday afternoon drinks
– As a company outing. But then inside.

"Really well put together!"
"You have the feeling that you can contribute"
"Playing really creates a connection"
"Great and diverse puzzles. Variety."
"Very usable for me as a trainer"

How does it work?

  • One person is the game master. They order the Cold Case online. (at least 3 days in advance)
  • Divide your team into 3 subteams of 1, 2 or 3 people each.
    Each team receives a (different) file at home. Hard copy, so old-fashioned by post.
  • The gamemaster starts the Zoom * (or other video) session, introduces the Cold Case (don’t worry, there is a mini-script) and starts a timer.

From now on, the team has a maximum of one hour to resolve the matter. Except for the game master. She is the only one who can turn her screen to black and observe the team for an hour.

Only by working together smartly and communicating clearly,  the team can crack the case.

Cold Case #59
The Diamond Heist

Criminal Organization ‘The Guild’ has been responsible for a number of high-profile, unsolved thefts since the early 1950s.

Interforce even denies the existence of the organization, which struck all over Europe, but presumably worked from the Netherlands.

Now, 70 years later, these “failures” are in danger of being hidden away forever. Players have one hour to investigate one of the most startling cases for the last time: “The Diamond Heist”

In 1959, the “Hope Diamond” – a unique and priceless blue diamond – traveled through Europe in the exhibition “Court of Jewels”. One evening, the Hope Diamond was stolen from a museum in Amsterdam.

It is suspected that Criminal Organization ‘The Guild’ was behind the robbery; but the matter has never been resolved; especially because it was difficult to determine Who committed the theft.

Three casefiles, one chat

At the time, four different detectives worked on the case. Three of them have since died and left a file. You now have it in your hands.

Besides those three case files, there is another important source: Anton Groen. He is the fourth detective to work on the case, and the only one of them still alive. He can be reached via chat. You can ask him anything about the case; especially he knows a lot about the Criminal Organization’s Guild.

[Anton Groen is an intelligent chatbot,answering almost all questions from players during the game]

€ 250 + 10 per person

Cold Case costs €250. Besides you pay  € 10 per person for a specially made set of documents in a case file, sent to your participants.
(prices are exclusive of VAT.)

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Team at Stormpoint playing Cold Case Online: The Diamond Heist

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Cold Case #59

"The Diamond Heist"